06 November, 2017


Thinking like a Search Engine: Three Elements for a Future-proof Strategy

It can sometimes be a challenge to keep abreast of new developments in search engines. There are plenty of finding reliable sources on the Internet, but not always timely updates are announced. Besides that it is always debatable whether an implemented update is here to stay or just an experiment. To avoid that you're needless to spend time responding to already implemented updates, it is good to think like a search engine, so you're always just that step ahead!

Search engines are looking for

The search giants of this world tests are well on your way to see how they can optimize their results and display. Eventually both the search engine users as visitors to your website the better. Irrelevant results are less likely to get an impression and the results shown so close probably well with the intention. Alternatively, the continuous search of search engines is tedious because that way it difficult to respond effectively to new developments. By continuing overarching think the main interests and ideologies of search engines can better anticipate the thinking of search engines.

Optimize for long term

Want to set up a website and online marketing strategy for the long term? Try to think like search engines do and forget for a moment your work in detail. Google has stated earlier this year that they have a top 3 most important ranking factors: links and content Rank Brain. These are fairly broad terms, but based on these data we can formulate an overall vision:

    "Search engines want quick and clear qualitative results offer which the most relevant, unique and reliable answer can enter a question or need."

1. Quick and easy qualitative results

Quality is a relative concept, but there are several factors that we can always watch. Google AdWords Quality Score is divided into CTR, ad relevance, and landing page experience. Metrics such as CTR, bounce rate and time on page indicators are searching for a result consistent with the intent. If landing page programs have focus, are quickly used in various devices and provided with clear content so if you're on the right track for a future-proof site.

Search engines want to give a quality answer and do so even beyond your own website. Think rich answers or direction cards in Google. Care also for structured data so that search engines can help in giving a qualitative answer based on your expertise.

2. Most relevant, unique and reliable response

Search engines will always strive to provide the most relevant results to match the intent. Signals such as quality backlinks play a major role in determining trustworthiness.

In the future it will probably be even more watched brand mentions and social signals but also metrics of users. Based on such data search engines will determine whether you are the expert who can give an appropriate answer to the query.

Do you want to future-proof designing your website? Try to keep focus on individual pages, set an intention for that page and try to accommodate as much as possible. Provide unique content, not only lyrically but also visually!

Should you stick a tire? Then you're probably more than helped clear video with a long text.

3. Ask if needed

Roughly search engine users have three aims: getting an answer to a need, getting an answer to a question and getting a result in order to fulfill a need. These requirements are consistent with the inspiration phase, phase orientation and purchase phase.

Search engines will operate well these intentions by giving immediate results. Someone is clearly in the purchasing phase? Then give search engines probably shopping results in the SERP. Does anyone have a clearly formulated question? Then the answer is probably the top before you hit something.

Focus website also so that you can control all these phases. Create a Wiki for defining terminology, use your blog to inspire and make clear landing pages where your visitors find the products or services they need.

Would you judge a search engine? Look therefore mainly to data to determine how users respond. For example, use AdWords to write meta tags based on the best CTR, look in Analytics for metrics such as bounce rate for pages to redesign and create a link to Webmaster here which analyzes in greater depth.

Of research for suggestion result

The highest search engine? It is currently likely to give a qualitative result without a user should look for yet. To achieve that should be used more variables per user. Think location, search history, interests, social media use, previously visited websites and so on.

The search results page as we see him today the day has never been so varied per person per time of day, per site or per device. Artificial intelligence search engines will always be able to better determine what the intent is and where the need of an individual is. This section mentions Google Rank Brain 'and is an important element at the moment, but also for the future.

Can we do anything?

We as outsiders have little or no impact on how search engines want their results. But we can influence the rate at which your website is relevant for display. It should continue to be given to quality of the site, appropriate content, charge of the brand, optimizing performance and building authority.

The development of your website based on what you know, so it is always a good idea. For example, playing on the latent needs of your blog and use a FAQ to answer the most important questions. Do what you are good at, make that search engines understand, define a page what you want to achieve, and look at the data. So you can go a long way in the future!

17 October, 2017


All You Need to Know About Nextdoor, the Local Social App

Are you considering Nextdoor as one of your social media marketing strategies? Well, it is definitely the best time that you explore the advantages offered by Nextdoor to boost community engagement and brand awareness! Here’s what you as a marketer must know about this app and use it to your advantage: 

Nextdoor – What’s All the Buzz About?

Nextdoor is a private social network for your neighborhood. It was founded in San Francisco seven years back (2010). Unlike other social networks, Nextdoor is devoted to make social media platform more friendly and intimate by developing a number of segmented, local communities.

This app had recently gathered eyeballs for its role in establishing connection among communities during natural disasters; mainly Hurricane Harvey. Soon it emerged as the fastest-growing social media websites in America. Presently, it is busy spreading its horizon and entering into European market.

With 100 million users, it is different from Facebook and Twitter where you connect with people all over the world. The app helps you connect with your neighbors just two blocks over! This way, you will be able to get connected with community services and even local businesses.

Reasons You should Consider Nextdoor

Over 160,00 communities across the United States of America use Nextdoor. People are using this platform to share info related to a number of things such as finding lost pets, hiring employees, crimes that have occurred, hiring trustworthy babysitters, and selling/donating stuff that’s no more needed to a neighbor. The platform is growing exponentially and holds huge potential for marketing.

Nextdoor for your Business

Nextdoor requires its users to verify their addresses. Hence, it serves as a local social media platform. This turns it to a priceless source of timely and correct info. It is also a very powerful way for vicinities to develop safer, stronger, and happier communities. Apart from helping communities, Nextdoor empowers small businesses with its incredible capability to connect directly with the individuals who need your products and services; especially those who live in your vicinity. People are actually looking forward to buy local. Nextdoor makes this process easier.

With Nextdoor, local businesses can create verified accounts and then fill profiles with info related to their products and services. Thereafter, they can receive endorsements from those residing in the neighborhood.

The local business profile on Nextdoor will help you monitor your reputation, respond to comments related to your businesses, and utilize color-coded map to know exactly who is recommending your products.

Nextdoor makes for a potent source to connect with people who can be your customers.

How to Promote Your Business on Nextdoor

The app allows ads on its platform. However, this doesn’t mean you have to depend only on the paid options for business promotion. There are a number of ways you can use organic communications features of Nextdoor to connect with the target audience. No wonder professional SMO company and experts recommend the app. All you require doing is adheres to the regulations of this platform for promotion. Here’s what you need to do:

- Do not use unsolicited posts related to your business in the news feed. Remember that users are your neighbor and they can see these posts.

Transfer your event posts to the Events Calendar. Nextdoor considers the use of news feed to post commercial events as a violation of its user guidelines.

- All of your ‘help wanted’ promotions should go into the classifieds section. Use the classifieds for hiring people by posting job description and your contact information.

- It is important to reveal your relationship to a business. Honesty is highly valued by Nextdoor.

- Supply only genuine recommendations and responses about businesses and services to neighbors. You need to be transparent about connections.

Lead Generation with Nextdoor

There are a number of ways you can generate leads onNextdoor. You can promote your business by responding to requests seeking references. Try offering services for the same.

Next, you can develop a business page on Nextdoor, which displays your business profile within your neighborhoods that supply you references and recommendations.

The app offers paid ad options. Try signing up and see if your business/industry qualifies for the option.

In a Nutshell

The app ensures local businesses, an amazing platform to receive genuine feedback and some powerful recommendations from their neighbors. This way, they can develop strategies to boost local conversions. Nextdoor helps you to build brand reputation among neighbors which is a tough task. 

21 September, 2017


Google Launched a New Tool of Website “Think with Google” Checking

A new tool from Google does not check review facilities on mobile phones only but also a page operating speed on mobile phones and desktop devices.

Google launched a new tool in testmysite.thinkwithgoogle.com, which will show how both optimized your website is for mobile devices and operating speed for desktop personal computers.

New tool combines testing facilities and provides with a simple report of all the necessary corrections for the website. The aim of Google is to help with this tool to attract as many mobile devices as possible, optimized and fast at loading websites.

The tool gives you three estimations:

Mobile comfort
Speed on mobile devices
Speed on desktop personal computers

This tool is considerably different from the two previous ones because it combined them.

There is also such a novelty as Fred, a search algorithm updating. It was noticed for the first time on March 8, since then the update considerably roused search results. After analysis of 70 websites, which were touched by the update, two similar features may be emphasized. Basically all the news websites and blogs have a huge deal of advertisement, in fact they look like websites created with one aim only, to profit from AdSense and other ad platforms and rarely contain content, which is of high quality and useful for the users.
Those websites, which fell for sanctions lost 50-90% of Google search traffic during one night.

There is another new Project Owl, which provides users with an opportunity to complain about information they consider to be rather trashy, wrong or violate feelings.
For marketing specialists, it is a wonderful opportunity to provide with content, which ratifies its products and services.

Companies, whose positions are already high enough, may become even more relevant and show better results. Promotion of more informative content may bring organic leads of more quality.  
It is imposing of more responsibility on the content creators in providing of more adequate and precise information.

On the negative side, adequacy of information becomes above all and Google may choose lowing of authority of all the brand content, which will make it to where a customer is to make more comprehended decisions on buying.

Leave a comment button may be abused. It is bad for both, marketing specialists and everyone who googles. If to speak about marketing specialists, many people might take a marketing content as a wrong information as long as it leads a customer to choosing a certain product or a service but not provide with a common information.

Think about spam and feedbacks you may get from competitors. How simple and easy it may become for them to complain regularly about your content in order to rise up theirs.

About the author: Melisa Marzett is a content writer, a blogger and, therefore, an author of many articles and more are yet to come. Writing for findwritingservice.com currently, she provides with their masterpieces fast and easy. She is always eager to contribute and is not afraid of any challenge. 

23 March, 2017


Huge List of free Guest Posting & Blogging Sites 2017 Instant Approval

Blog is a stylish source for brand or service promotions which mostly use business persons and marketing experts to introduce something for the particular community. Why blogs are important and what have blogs importance for SEP expert? This is essential and informative acknowledgment for starters to learn the importance of blogs for SEO. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is currently has turned into a giant and have plenty of attractions for business communities to earn profit from it. SEO helps you to optimize your blog contents over social networking and on search engines as well. People create blogs to state their services, skills, specialties, and brand awareness for peoples. Blog posting is impressive for SEO and provides strong and authentic sources get traffic response. The Advantages of blogging for business and marketing certainly are a lot and professional blogger uses special tricks and techniques to produce quality blogs. A good blog always attracts communities because of uniqueness and interesting material that match with public interest.

Use Quality Content for Blogs

Blogging helps you to generate traffic and provide them their search relevant results. Blogs provides resources of back links and the quick response from the public. Blogging helps to create a chain and a network cycle of social networking and helps owners to get fast traffic from social networking contributions. Role of social networking in blog development is essential which cannot be ignored during creating of an excellent blog. Blogs provides great acknowledgment of products and services to individuals and in response the blog owner catch the traffic by introducing quality and unique staff in line with the requirements and the tastes of the people. Up gradation should really be manufactured in blogs to retain traffic and to bring more and more traffic by launching innovation ideas and interest oriented techniques. Use unique and creative SEO marketing techniques to advertise blogs and regularly update your blogs to activate traffic for long time.The following are typically the most popular and popular blog posting websites of this season 2017 for all forms of bloggers.

Latest List of free Guest Blogging Sites 2017

http://myblogguest.com Instant posting
http://forum.4-power.eu/ Instant posting
http://checkthis.com/ Instant posting
http://funnypaws.com/ Instant posting
http://www.bloggerfree.com/ Instant posting
http://www.uk-mods.co.uk/ Instant posting
http://online-mir.com/ Instant posting
http://www.mcmcse.com/ Instant posting
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http://facekobo.com/ Instant posting
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http://questions.slackoverflow.net/ Instant posting
http://www.yeswefoot.com/ Pending Approved
https://niume.com/ Instant posting
https://themes.jrc.ec.europa.eu/ Instant Posting
http://guestpostblogging.com/ Pending
http://www.popdust.com/ Instant
http://www.ydlxl.net/ Paid
http://www.onefdh.com/ Pending
http://stuffablog.com/ Instant
https://slashdot.org/ Instant
http://bestseotips Instant
https://www.wolfcms.org/ Instant
https://zohosites.com/ Instant
https://simplesite.com/ Instant
https://www.olaladirectory.com.au/ Instant
http://blogs.realtown.com/ Instant 
http://www.ejibon.com/ Instant
http://uniquethis.com/ Instant
http://www.bloggingkits.com/ Pending
http://freespaceway.com/ Instant
http://sharelt.com/ Instant
http://bloggertips.mozello.com/ Instant
http://www.bettercaretogether.org/ Instant
http://www.dailybn.com/ Instant 
http://www.wowyar.com Instant
http://www.well-beingsecrets.com  Pending

22 March, 2017


SEO for Recruiters: You should Pay Attention!

SEO, so search engine optimization is important for any website on the net. For employer branding and recruiting new talent is all the more significant because of good employees, the success of a company depends decisively. The other way around recruiting attracts a lot of buyers to the site. SEO for recruiters so bring along with new qualified employees a lot more for the company. Here are a few tips on how you can improve it.

Why it makes sense to think about SEO in recruitment, is obvious: Only if a company maintains contact with potential applicants and provides a good image of his company, it has opportunities to qualified candidates. It already is no longer enough to simply make a website or a job description into the net and hope that you will then flooded with good candidates.

Why SEO for recruiters worth

In the wake of increasing digitization and skills shortages a struggle to appropriate staff is downright broken out.

SEO for Recruiters involves doing some advantages:

Cost: For a search engine are free. Although of course the creation of appropriate content also costs something, the contents, if they are good, free listed in the results.
Visibility: addiction is a potential candidate for a new job, the visibility of sites in the network is a decisive criterion. After all, who is found faster, has clear advantages over the competition.
Recruiting and Employer Branding: As already mentioned, it comes in recruiting long gone by only referring new talent, but at the same time the representation of the company as a good employer, that employer branding killed.

Job sites are the secret stars of surfing

Basically have recruiting sites compared to other good standing. This is due to the fact that they will show a large keyword density and regularly updated with new content, namely new jobs. You are also at the crawlers, so the programs that search throughout the WWW and analyze popular due to their clear structure with sub-headings, keyword lists and recurring keywords.

Hard SEO basics that apply to all

The aim of good search engine optimization is to rank as high as possible in the Google search. Although there are still some other search engines, Google has a market share of over 90 per cent of absolute relevance, so that the recommendations in this article applies primarily on Google. In the case of SEO for recruiters, this means that the corresponding job descriptions should appear on the first two pages. For further than the thirtieth hit the interest of most users usually not enough.

A dimension of its

but how the technology works behind it? How do you manage to finish in the top 30? So simple that question can not be answered. For, to the algorithm of Google has always tensed myths. It is certain that about 200 to 260 factors influence the position in the search engine universe of Google. Impossible to know all of these.

How change pandas, hummingbirds and Co. the Google World

Now it is not that nothing about the Google algorithms is known. There are regular updates. Sometimes these are Google, though often only later explained. Mostly, like the last so-called phantom update that makes its name, it is only discovered because individual domains had lost 20 to 60 percent of visibility worldwide.

One of the most significant updates in recent years was certainly the Hummingbird update, which significantly semantics was brought to the front for the first time. This is strictly speaking not only an update but a completely new algorithm. The Hummingbird update introduced the semantic search that in 2015, mainly by Rank Brain - has been refined - in principle an algorithm that allowed the machine learning. The user searches, be better analyzed and interpreted. Ambiguous searches can be interpreted sensibly and related results will be played, even though they do not directly correspond to the search query.

How mystical legends also listen to the Google algorithms: Google 's mission there is always that the user receives the optimum search results on its search. Therefore, the most important rule, which need to be considered in SEO for recruiters: Who provides individual added values ​​its users and worked intensively with the reasons why that visits a website and optimized to the effect is always on the right track - no matter whether pandas, penguins or hummingbirds have just the Google universe in charge.

Organic search engine optimization is one

No wonder then that content marketing for some time experienced such a flight of fancy. After all, it comes with a good SEO strategy is nothing more than to good, meaningful content that brings the user an added value. Thus, the trend is long gone from the technical search engine optimization, which aimed, for example, the keyword density, towards the so-called "organic" search engine optimization.

The modern way of referral marketing: Social Media

And here's another aspect plays a new role. Whereas in the past the created content in itself, it now is, above all, about how much is spoken about the content. Social Media, a new kind of online word-of-mouth, determined the ranking by a modern recommendation marketing. So get retweets, favorites, likes, blog article with comments or linking and recommendations in social networks often have a greater impact on the ranking as keyword-optimized content.

Three Ultimate SEO tips for recruiters:

1. Improve SEO for Recruiters with social media

Social media is only as good related to SEO, as it is actively used for interaction. So simple items and Sharen not enough. It depends on how serious you take sharing with your fans. In terms of the ranking on the first Google page social media profiles also play a big role, because Google is the most interactive social media accounts with. The interactive social media SEO conquered increasingly the top places in the ranking of search criteria.

Practical tip: Create as many social media channels as it makes sense and you can actively play on. Motivate your employees to be active in your social media accounts, especially your recruiter should link with their personal accounts.

2. Connect the applicant search and employer branding

But one of the best methods is to combine talent and clever employer branding so skillfully that users do not but come to your content. Are they even making enthusiastic, stir for free the word. Here Shares have a larger value of influencers. However, the tweet of influencers counts only when you turn in turn responded. So, only the interaction is really rewarded by Google.

Practical tip: Talk to your social media posts to active influencer that fit the theme. Also, you should then post when your followers are online. Also, your contributions are more divided, even if you sharen foreign content from time to time.

3. Or use Personalized Search!

If five users googling the same subject or the same keyword, they receive because of the Google features "Personalized Search" five different results. Especially since the mobile algorithm update Personalized Search is still location-based.

Practical tip: Build Your Network on Google+ and share them here regularly and maintain content "Google My Business". Guests can also use relevant keywords, so the job title, for example, in all of your social media posts.


SEO for recruiters is important not only to attract promising talents. By creating good online reputation, you give them a real advantage in the battle for the best candidates. Here, search engines are becoming less interested in technical aspects. What really counts are high quality, fresh and interesting content that touch.

17 March, 2017


Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird: The Goolge updates at a glance

Google Updates Content Outlines

1 The Panda
2 The Penguin
3 The Hummingbird
4 What's next ...?
5 Content Update: Pirate- and Pidgeon
6 The Pirate Update
7 The Pidgeon update

To one of the working and disable the World Wide Web can be really relaxing as a zoo. But it is different when one has been actively involved with search engine optimization and there to admire pandas, penguins and hummingbirds in the zoo. For this added Kalev drive any SEO cold sweat on the forehead. The reason is that Google has named its updates to the search engine algorithm for these animals. At this point we venture even closer to the animals zoom and make you their impact on Google algorithm in detail before:

The panda

The already fourth Panda in Google Zoo (Panda Update 4.0) is only a few weeks old and first saw the light of day in late May. With Panda update, Google is dedicated to the quality of sites and tries to take either the index or to have them at least significantly worse entwine inferior sides. Affected Pages lose most in one fell swoop strong visibility which usually further decreases in subsequent weeks. Not always has to the entire domain be affected, the Panda is a clever animal and is sometimes down only affected sections of a domain. This means that your page poorly only at certain keyword phrases climbs, but others need to be affected.

But what bothers this actually so relaxed animal to websites? It is above all the features of the site visitors and the massive use of advertising on the sides. If the content of a site mostly from advertisements, found that not only the user uncool, but also the Panda. Furthermore, it registers all the features that disappointed site visitors show: High bounce rates, few page views per user, a few searches for your domain or trademark and little original content. In times of content marketing is just the last point on everyone's lips and important for the ranking of your site.

The question is, what can be done to the chubby, black and white fellows again be going if he has once ensconced at one? As a Panda is not exactly the lightest animal, accordingly, it is difficult to break free from him again. Located on the private side of a lot of advertising "above-the-fold", it is recommended to reduce them. Then its own content should be compared with those of its competitors and questioned. With these findings, new, bristling with quality content can be created and the usability and Accessibillity the whole page or part of the affected area can be improved.

The Penguin

The Google penguin waddles in contrast to its natural counterparts no catches through the area. On the contrary, with each update it comes illicit "black hat" techniques on the ropes. Thus he punishes all from producing webspam and violate Google Webmaster Guidelines. So the penguin finds things like keyword stuffing, cloaking or hidden text on a web page was not happy and knows no mercy. Affected Pages loose massively by him visibility and can tend towards zero over weeks and months. Often he chased previous top rankings even completely from the index. The penguin can be soothed by the private pages are completely cleansed of the forbidden techniques. Another factor of the penguin quickly irked can, is its own link profile. Are the links purchased in its profile mainly, they are located in footers / link lists or mostly use anchor text with keywords Money, so does the penguin's own page with a Splash in the visibility index. Here, it is the custom profile to check strictly and to be able to separate them from really bad links or to ask the webmaster of the linked sites about to put a link to "nofollow". However, the best course of action is to build up parallel good, new links.

Penguins are not the fastest animals, the Google Penguin is not easily shaken off so however. Even after the necessary measures have been taken may take a long time before the affected side recovers.

The Hummingbird

The Hummingbird, is the latest attraction in Google Zoo. Although Google has wanted here a very small animal out, this update brings a huge change with it. It is the Hummingbird namely to an entirely new search algorithm that sets itself the task to better understand the user searches, and thus display more relevant results. So Google would therefore answer specific questions from users. Hummingbird looking for not just for individual words of the requirements, but interprets it as a whole. Therefore, it is important for web sites owners to generate holistic possible content to accurately answer these specific questions. Thus, this update does not affect the penalty. On the contrary, who has good holistic content already on his side, can rank by the Hummingbird for specific user questions better than before. Google developed this update with the intention of being able to answer the growing number of mobile searches and spoken queries on Google Now better.

It is therefore particularly important in the future, synonyms and thematic Therme accommodate in his lyrics, so the own content is also found in variations of the requirements. In addition, it should be considered and researched in advance which questions there are on a given topic and might show what questions.

So it is particularly important to adapt the original content to the needs of users. To do this for as many users, a theme throughout its relevance and all its angles should be covered.

What's next…?

Which animal Google will probably next grab an update to title it? What will do this update with the sides or the search algorithm?
We have already thought about how the next update could look forth and are on the Mosquito come. What could be in your opinion the next animal in Google Zoo?

Content update: Pirate- and Pigeon

The Pirate Update

Besides the many cute animals, there is a new update, the Google tries to optimize the search index: called the Pirate update or DMCA update. DMCA stands for "Digital Millennium Copyright Act". Google sends here not about pirates Go, hijack the bad sides and convey to the bottom of the search index-sea - on the contrary, there are the pirates, where it hits the collar.

The Pigeon update

Google is not getting enough of birds. In addition to the Hummingbird and the penguin there is also the Pigeon update. This update is intended for local search results. an update has been rolled out to, but only follow google.com in the United States, other countries should however. The aim of the update is to show the user for his current location, the best results in its immediate vicinity, if he is looking for example for a hotel or a restaurant.

In America, after updating a large movement within this Local Packs was observed. Furthermore, the number of Local packs was reduced with seven entries. What factors now play a major role, or how their weight has not been seen have changed the rating of the entry. It seems that Google is looking for the update not only on the entries and reviews in directories, but also the visibility of the results associated website. Google could thus try to control the easily manipulated reviews in portals against. Another observation expression in the fact that Google when displaying the results now a narrower radius around the user drags to more reliable relevant hotels, restaurants, shops, etc. to display the users around. So Google wants to answer, especially mobile search queries better.

26 February, 2017


YouTube Channel Optimization

After Google across the world Did you know that YouTube is the most visited pages? Even use search engines as the day goes on YouTube according to a survey conducted by Google has been increasing. page with Google's video search has become more popular.

Google makes an innovation that Google Trends YouTube began to put in the search results. This also means that have accepted the prevalence of the use of Google as a search engine and entered into cooperation with the YouTube page using his favor.

To expand your marketing strategy to reach a wider audience and you want to transfer traffic to your website you should definitely take your place on YouTube.

YouTube is very similar to Google's search results pages. Here also the top paid advertisements then you see the organic results.

Improving the recognition of your channel on YouTube

Before creating a YouTube video or channel must have a strategy. This strategy is based on a schedule of editing video content tailored to company objectives. After setting up your strategy to create a new YouTube channel, or you can optimize your existing channel. When you optimize your YouTube channel, follow these steps.

Channel Name, Brand Name Custom URL

Your channel name, icon, banner and you should reflect your brand name custom URLs. visual icons and banners that you use must be of high quality.

It is important to get a custom URL for your channel name to be catchy. instead of a URL has not been optimized, in order to get a custom URL name, you must satisfy the following criteria.
  • 100 or more subscribers must be
  • It must be at least 30 daily
  • Channel icon must be installed in a photo
  • A channel must be uploaded image
Keywords & Destination Country

To determine the right keywords for your YouTube channel allows you to rise in the rankings. Search volume is large, and be sure to select keywords related to your brand. You can also select your target audience by choosing the country you want to climb the rankings.

Linked Websites

your account information go to your YouTube channel, channel settings, connect to your associated websites. This allows you to increase your brand awareness on the YouTube rankings.

'About' Part & Links

to hold high the ranking of your channel 'about' you should write a content containing keywords section. The other important point is to give you a link to your website and social media accounts. Thus, the user can access your brand in every respect.

Channel Home

You can select a particular video highlights for the main page of your channel. Users who visit the channel will automatically faced with this video. Do you prepare a video about the area and highlight your brand provides a major contribution to increasing your interaction.

Link your channel to give

your social media accounts and data links that direct users to your YouTube channel to your web site. This will allow you to increase the number of visitors in the channel.

YouTube Ranking Factors

Just as you have optimized your website, you can move your YouTube page, whether optimized for top rankings. Here are the most important ranking factors:

Metadata:  Video titles, descriptions and tags are the main factors affecting rankings. This is very important to note the key word in three. As in the optimization of your website title here you should give priority to your main keywords in your video titles. Be sure to provide links to direct users to your website in your video description and your social media accounts.

Video Quality:  HD video, will be higher than in the rankings than those in low quality. It is an essential feature for HD video user experience. Users are not satisfied with watching video in low quality. This causes the less number of times displayed.

Views, Likes, and Sharing Links:  YouTube rankings, imaging, affected by the appreciation of the number and density of sharing in the social sector. After posting your video on your channel for more viewing and appreciation should try to spread this video. Several ways to spread your video content:
  • Share all your social media accounts.
  • Add video to e-mail you send to your customers.
  • Add to your website, which you have to use your website in a blog post or "Add Video" section.
  • Reddit share on pages that reach broad audiences, such as StumbleUpon.
Thumbnail Optimization:  the way you want to select each video thumbnail. Upload a thumbnail will be high quality and remarkable. Eye appealing visuals will bring more clicks and views.

Subtitles:  You can add captions to your video on YouTube. Thus, hearing impaired or people who speak a language other than the language in the video that you can reach a wider audience for increased access. In addition, these subtitles will increase the ranking of your video. But YouTube's automated subtitling is not always accurate and do not forget that you need to make corrections.

Branding:  This study will increase your direct order not affect interaction with the brand that will allow you to have more subscribers. You can also add watermark to brand your videos with all the features offered by YouTube.

24 February, 2017


Google Penguin Update and SEO

Google is constantly being updated and better algorithm to its users, better quality, more accurate search results listing is trying. Each month, about forty or fifty until the update is published. For example, in February, forty, fifty improvements were made in March. In addition to these changes in order to cope with the Google webspam in April he issued an update. It must be different forums in the effort to try to set this name, then the official Google Penguin update was announced by name. This is important penguin new update will bring, SEO What will bring the application?

Google Penguin update

In fact, as the name suggests, to reward high quality sites, to get to a better place in the search results, in order to provide a better search experience to users, Google is making this update.

According to the official announcement will lose Google rankings this update also has two particular types of webspam. Already evident that "keyword stuffing" keyword stuffing and irrelevant articles which links the output text.

Users can not understand anything when read, do not have a value, which is filled page of Google search terms that can be captured with a better percentage with this algorithm. Likewise, for example; written by hand in a meaningful text, it is irrelevant to the subject and text backlinks are obvious as anchor text links are expected to lose in this update so thanks again be determined by a better search results.

Example "keyword stuffing" keyword stuffing :

Apparently Google has more commercial importance with this update, relevant search words with a lot of webspam made especially trying to improve. For example; Take the word viagra.

By searching using Google Chrome in incognito mode, I tried to obtain more specific results. words are not relevant in this ranking, listed on pages changed without permission from the owner. In particular, these difficulties seen in the major universities of the sub-areas, making the subject relevant search results with very problematic. If the event "relevant" to list the results in the best possible way, The absence of the official site is also another problem. These results are due to keyword stuffing and page authority of the lists in this way, we can say algorithm backlink done on the extreme stress.

This and similar examples can be multiplied. I hope Google, hidden text, keyword stuffing and link hacking and other malicious manner against our people carried out by " SEO " is the best way to prevent the application and heal many calls.

Google Penguin algorithm update of this (Penguin update) will be affected by how much search volume?

12% of the total search volume is affected by the Panda update was a part. Penguin update any change in the 3.1'lik% in English with the search. This update is activated simultaneously for all languages to be observed and influenced by different percentages in different languages. The reason, naturally exert more influence on language that a lot of spam.

SEO Results: SEO settings when webspam (WebSpam called the cause of it to separate from email spam) without, as your content is always, in order to provide the best user experience, create users benefit. Never just create pages for algorithms. Long-term, honest and continuous success for " Black Hat SEO " techniques must be avoided.

Penguin update

Penguin update, SEO tips:

Avoid hidden text and links.
The use of automation software.
Create quality content.
Provide the guest authors.
Avoid link exchange.

Google general quality standards:

Write articles that target visitors not for search engines.
Avoid black hat SEO tactics.
Do not buy poor quality backlink, book of business professionals.
Viruses, create pages with malicious software such as Trojans.
Create different addresses with the same content.

22 February, 2017


SEO the Relaunch: 45 Questions for Stores and Websites

The most dangerous discipline in search engine optimization is the relaunch. If we see mistakes as SEOs, go up the rankings and revenues in the basement. And errors lurking around every corner! To be safe, you must therefore leave no stone unturned. Did you miss a stone? Our checklist will help you with your search!

From what SEO is important for the relaunch?

Good planning is the alpha and omega of a successful relaunch. That means SEO involve at the very beginning of the planning. And that also means, to allow sufficient time for a final check and sufficient resources for the implementation of the resulting measures. This takes time. For all participants save a lot of rework. So that nothing goes down and all project managers to sleep peacefully, we recommend to work with checklists. What all belongs to us in this checklist, you read here.

Don’t try this at home!

In this article we provide though a checklist that you take by the hand the relaunch. But if you have a little relaunch experience, you should always have a professional at once!

Planning Phase: Set sail!

Not to be a fait accompli later, SEO managers should equal interfere in the planning. The most important question you should ask you at the beginning of the project:

1. If too much change at once?
A relaunch then usually goes wrong if those responsible want too much at once:
  • The shop or content management system is changed
  • The design and layout is greatly changed
  • The contents of the site are greatly changed
  • The internal linking is greatly changed
A change too much at once, search engines need to evaluate the URL again. Only they can ensure that everything is above board. That would mean for you that you have to give up your good rankings first. We therefore advise caution. Basically, we recommend that you change a maximum of two of these points simultaneously.

2. Stay the same URLs?

URL changes are tricky. Even if only change the URL and layout, familiar Google the new page is not always immediate and rankings can be lost. The experience we have done once and we do not need again. We therefore advise of URL changes concurrently with design, content or structure changes. Instead, you can make any necessary changes URL either a few weeks or perform after the launch.

3. If the domain maintained?

The domain change is even more delicate than to change individual URLs. This is a chapter in itself. Basically search engines step by step to the new domain, and especially a new brand should be used. We therefore advise against a domain change the relaunch.

4. Do the developers and decision makers, what to look for?

Before we get cheerful Coden, all developers should one get this checklist of necessary SEO requirements. This saves correction time and is still to peace in the house safely.

Everything solved? Then the stage is all the designers and developers.

Test phase: Land Ahoy!

Once the test environment is, you go really. First of all you should each test paces a sample page per page type.

Micro level: Test by page type

Page styles include the home and the shop category page and a product detail page. For other sites could be the a sales landing page, a guide content, a news site or a tag page. For each of these pages you go once through all the questions:

  1. Is the content available and remained the same?
  2. If the meaning and content of the page above the fold (in the immediately visible area) clear?
  3. Is a unique main title yet?
  4. If the header structure logically?
  5. without CSS Are unexpected or unwanted content visible?
  6. Are the contents and links the crawl with and without JavaScript identical?
  7. all images are alt attributes exist?
  8. Are at least every existing structured data available?
  9. Is there a mobile version of the page?
Now is the time for crawlers and large Excel spreadsheets (Excel among fans: Christmas!). Since head is spinning and the PC. Here we go:

  1. Show crawling tools like OnPage.org error?
  2. Are all the pages from the crawl the old site in the crawl of the new site?
  3. If all URLs with organic traffic (remember PDFs) available?
  4. If no new, unwanted pages in the crawl the new page?
  5. Is an ordinary 404-page yet?
  6. Are all Titles remained the same?
  7. Are all descriptions remained the same?
  8. Are all H1 remained the same?
  9. Are all robots metatags remained the same?
  10. Are all Canonical's stayed the same?
  11. In international sites: Are all hreflang links exist?
  12. In international sites: references all hreflang links correctly back ?
  13. Have the most important pages similar to many incoming links as before?
  14. If there are no alternate spellings of URLs? (eg Trailing slashes and case-sensitive )
  15. If no internal nofollow links exist?
  16. Locks the Robots.txt not internally linked URLs and resources?
  17. Are all old and (if need be) new forwarders available?
If you can answer all the questions at once with "Yes", then hats off to the developers! If all measures derived are implemented, it is getting serious. By now, it is important again to ask a very clear:

  1. Are all managers and investors aware of the risks?
The more complex the relaunch and the page, the more likely that is to be expected ranking and traffic loss is. Our job is to keep this as low as possible. But in many cases is true: There is slight, temporary losses is to see this as a success. The important thing is that after a few days or weeks all einrankt einrenkt and it goes from there forward. In addition: Do not panic in the first few days after the relaunch! Carefully observe and forging action, but do not rush!

All Disclaimer placed? Then only a few things to clarify:

  1. If the tracking code is integrated on all URLs?
  2. If the Search Console verification even after the launch?
  3. If the page is no longer blocked for security reasons via robots.txt and robots meta tags?
  4. Have you prayed three Hail Marys?

Live program: set anchor!

Immediately after the launch, you should consider a few things immediately:
  1. If there are no internal links to more testing environment available?
  2. For all page types: Reads and renders Google all content correctly (according to the " Fetch as Google " in Webmaster Tools)?
  3. For all types of pages: Is the charging time in order ? (in test environments is a reasonable test only difficult to implement)
  4. For all types of pages: passing the pages Google Mobile Friendly Test ?
  5. Diving in Google Analytics Real-time report on any errors?
  6. There were no remarkable changes in OnPage.org etc. after a recrawl?

Monitoring: Trust is good, control is better

In the days after the launch, it is keep your eyes open. Daily you should consider:
  1. to keep the main rankings? (Do not panic but on parties concerned you should! See.)
  2. Diving in the Google Search console reports no errors?
In addition, we recommend that you even have to take a look at what the users and Google:
  1. If the bounce rate as good as or better?
  2. Diving in the log files on URLs that have not been crawled by Googlebot & Co.?
Only when the rankings lose several days and stay down, you can assume that something has gone wrong.Then you have hopefully appropriate action on the hindquarters or a professional at your side.

The biggest relaunch error

With each positive and negative experiences that we collect, we can better predict how Google responds. These experiences are important to evaluate which drop breaks the camel's back. In most cases, however, one of these culprits:

  • Pages removed or forgotten
  • Sites for Google blocked
  • changed too much at once
  • changed URLs
  • Forgot redirects

Some experiences You do not make. Therefore it is better to check out the site in detail and also to correct details. This takes time and nerves, but saves at the end even more time and hassle.