Google Penguin Update and SEO

Google is constantly being updated and better algorithm to its users, better quality, more accurate search results listing is trying. Each month, about forty or fifty until the update is published. For example, in February, forty, fifty improvements were made in March. In addition to these changes in order to cope with the Google webspam in April he issued an update. It must be different forums in the effort to try to set this name, then the official Google Penguin update was announced by name. This is important penguin new update will bring, SEO What will bring the application?

Google Penguin update

In fact, as the name suggests, to reward high quality sites, to get to a better place in the search results, in order to provide a better search experience to users, Google is making this update.

According to the official announcement will lose Google rankings this update also has two particular types of webspam. Already evident that "keyword stuffing" keyword stuffing and irrelevant articles which links the output text.

Users can not understand anything when read, do not have a value, which is filled page of Google search terms that can be captured with a better percentage with this algorithm. Likewise, for example; written by hand in a meaningful text, it is irrelevant to the subject and text backlinks are obvious as anchor text links are expected to lose in this update so thanks again be determined by a better search results.

Example "keyword stuffing" keyword stuffing :

Apparently Google has more commercial importance with this update, relevant search words with a lot of webspam made especially trying to improve. For example; Take the word viagra.

By searching using Google Chrome in incognito mode, I tried to obtain more specific results. words are not relevant in this ranking, listed on pages changed without permission from the owner. In particular, these difficulties seen in the major universities of the sub-areas, making the subject relevant search results with very problematic. If the event "relevant" to list the results in the best possible way, The absence of the official site is also another problem. These results are due to keyword stuffing and page authority of the lists in this way, we can say algorithm backlink done on the extreme stress.

This and similar examples can be multiplied. I hope Google, hidden text, keyword stuffing and link hacking and other malicious manner against our people carried out by " SEO " is the best way to prevent the application and heal many calls.

Google Penguin algorithm update of this (Penguin update) will be affected by how much search volume?

12% of the total search volume is affected by the Panda update was a part. Penguin update any change in the 3.1'lik% in English with the search. This update is activated simultaneously for all languages to be observed and influenced by different percentages in different languages. The reason, naturally exert more influence on language that a lot of spam.

SEO Results: SEO settings when webspam (WebSpam called the cause of it to separate from email spam) without, as your content is always, in order to provide the best user experience, create users benefit. Never just create pages for algorithms. Long-term, honest and continuous success for " Black Hat SEO " techniques must be avoided.

Penguin update

Penguin update, SEO tips:

Avoid hidden text and links.
The use of automation software.
Create quality content.
Provide the guest authors.
Avoid link exchange.

Google general quality standards:

Write articles that target visitors not for search engines.
Avoid black hat SEO tactics.
Do not buy poor quality backlink, book of business professionals.
Viruses, create pages with malicious software such as Trojans.
Create different addresses with the same content.


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