Google's update of February 7 probably targets the quality

The Google update from 7th February has probably targeted the quality of the content. There are some indications. Documents or an official confirmation from Google is not yet available.

It is one of the most eye-catching and comprehensive updates that Google has performed since the launch of Penguin 4.0 in September last year. The February 7 update has influenced the rankings of many sites across all industries. Within individual industries there were winners and losers.

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Small and large domains across borders and languages

According to Sistrix small and large domains are affected . The update also took place in all countries and languages. The changes do not affect the entire domain, but individual directories or sub-domains.

Authority calculated by machine learning?

Martin Missfeldt assumes an increasing influence of the RankBrain algorithm and the determination of the web site authority by means of machine learning. It therefore speaks of an "authority update", in the consequence of which the influence of on-page signals on the authority decreases.

Quality probably plays a role

It is also likely that Google's quality of web pages is even weaker than before. This is indicated by an update that Google has just completed in Japan a few days ago . Websites were punished, the content of which mainly consists of recycled content of other pages and have little original content. Google may have rolled out this update worldwide.

Thus, it is also possible that the update is related to the Panda algorithm , because this also aims at the quality of the websites. Also Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Land suspects a connection with Panda .

The best way to assess your own impact

Whether Google will comment on details of the update is uncertain. Johannes Muller, Garry Illyes and colleagues are very likely to point out that Google is constantly working to improve the results.

For web site operators, the only recommendation is to look closely at the impact of the update. Which pages, directories, sub-domains and which keywords are affected? Are the affected content really good enough to offer value to users?


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