YouTube Channel Optimization

After Google across the world Did you know that YouTube is the most visited pages? Even use search engines as the day goes on YouTube according to a survey conducted by Google has been increasing. page with Google's video search has become more popular.

Google makes an innovation that Google Trends YouTube began to put in the search results. This also means that have accepted the prevalence of the use of Google as a search engine and entered into cooperation with the YouTube page using his favor.

To expand your marketing strategy to reach a wider audience and you want to transfer traffic to your website you should definitely take your place on YouTube.

YouTube is very similar to Google's search results pages. Here also the top paid advertisements then you see the organic results.

Improving the recognition of your channel on YouTube

Before creating a YouTube video or channel must have a strategy. This strategy is based on a schedule of editing video content tailored to company objectives. After setting up your strategy to create a new YouTube channel, or you can optimize your existing channel. When you optimize your YouTube channel, follow these steps.

Channel Name, Brand Name Custom URL

Your channel name, icon, banner and you should reflect your brand name custom URLs. visual icons and banners that you use must be of high quality.

It is important to get a custom URL for your channel name to be catchy. instead of a URL has not been optimized, in order to get a custom URL name, you must satisfy the following criteria.
  • 100 or more subscribers must be
  • It must be at least 30 daily
  • Channel icon must be installed in a photo
  • A channel must be uploaded image
Keywords & Destination Country

To determine the right keywords for your YouTube channel allows you to rise in the rankings. Search volume is large, and be sure to select keywords related to your brand. You can also select your target audience by choosing the country you want to climb the rankings.

Linked Websites

your account information go to your YouTube channel, channel settings, connect to your associated websites. This allows you to increase your brand awareness on the YouTube rankings.

'About' Part & Links

to hold high the ranking of your channel 'about' you should write a content containing keywords section. The other important point is to give you a link to your website and social media accounts. Thus, the user can access your brand in every respect.

Channel Home

You can select a particular video highlights for the main page of your channel. Users who visit the channel will automatically faced with this video. Do you prepare a video about the area and highlight your brand provides a major contribution to increasing your interaction.

Link your channel to give

your social media accounts and data links that direct users to your YouTube channel to your web site. This will allow you to increase the number of visitors in the channel.

YouTube Ranking Factors

Just as you have optimized your website, you can move your YouTube page, whether optimized for top rankings. Here are the most important ranking factors:

Metadata:  Video titles, descriptions and tags are the main factors affecting rankings. This is very important to note the key word in three. As in the optimization of your website title here you should give priority to your main keywords in your video titles. Be sure to provide links to direct users to your website in your video description and your social media accounts.

Video Quality:  HD video, will be higher than in the rankings than those in low quality. It is an essential feature for HD video user experience. Users are not satisfied with watching video in low quality. This causes the less number of times displayed.

Views, Likes, and Sharing Links:  YouTube rankings, imaging, affected by the appreciation of the number and density of sharing in the social sector. After posting your video on your channel for more viewing and appreciation should try to spread this video. Several ways to spread your video content:
  • Share all your social media accounts.
  • Add video to e-mail you send to your customers.
  • Add to your website, which you have to use your website in a blog post or "Add Video" section.
  • Reddit share on pages that reach broad audiences, such as StumbleUpon.
Thumbnail Optimization:  the way you want to select each video thumbnail. Upload a thumbnail will be high quality and remarkable. Eye appealing visuals will bring more clicks and views.

Subtitles:  You can add captions to your video on YouTube. Thus, hearing impaired or people who speak a language other than the language in the video that you can reach a wider audience for increased access. In addition, these subtitles will increase the ranking of your video. But YouTube's automated subtitling is not always accurate and do not forget that you need to make corrections.

Branding:  This study will increase your direct order not affect interaction with the brand that will allow you to have more subscribers. You can also add watermark to brand your videos with all the features offered by YouTube.


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