SEO for Recruiters: You should Pay Attention!

SEO, so search engine optimization is important for any website on the net. For employer branding and recruiting new talent is all the more significant because of good employees, the success of a company depends decisively. The other way around recruiting attracts a lot of buyers to the site. SEO for recruiters so bring along with new qualified employees a lot more for the company. Here are a few tips on how you can improve it.

Why it makes sense to think about SEO in recruitment, is obvious: Only if a company maintains contact with potential applicants and provides a good image of his company, it has opportunities to qualified candidates. It already is no longer enough to simply make a website or a job description into the net and hope that you will then flooded with good candidates.

Why SEO for recruiters worth

In the wake of increasing digitization and skills shortages a struggle to appropriate staff is downright broken out.

SEO for Recruiters involves doing some advantages:

Cost: For a search engine are free. Although of course the creation of appropriate content also costs something, the contents, if they are good, free listed in the results.
Visibility: addiction is a potential candidate for a new job, the visibility of sites in the network is a decisive criterion. After all, who is found faster, has clear advantages over the competition.
Recruiting and Employer Branding: As already mentioned, it comes in recruiting long gone by only referring new talent, but at the same time the representation of the company as a good employer, that employer branding killed.

Job sites are the secret stars of surfing

Basically have recruiting sites compared to other good standing. This is due to the fact that they will show a large keyword density and regularly updated with new content, namely new jobs. You are also at the crawlers, so the programs that search throughout the WWW and analyze popular due to their clear structure with sub-headings, keyword lists and recurring keywords.

Hard SEO basics that apply to all

The aim of good search engine optimization is to rank as high as possible in the Google search. Although there are still some other search engines, Google has a market share of over 90 per cent of absolute relevance, so that the recommendations in this article applies primarily on Google. In the case of SEO for recruiters, this means that the corresponding job descriptions should appear on the first two pages. For further than the thirtieth hit the interest of most users usually not enough.

A dimension of its

but how the technology works behind it? How do you manage to finish in the top 30? So simple that question can not be answered. For, to the algorithm of Google has always tensed myths. It is certain that about 200 to 260 factors influence the position in the search engine universe of Google. Impossible to know all of these.

How change pandas, hummingbirds and Co. the Google World

Now it is not that nothing about the Google algorithms is known. There are regular updates. Sometimes these are Google, though often only later explained. Mostly, like the last so-called phantom update that makes its name, it is only discovered because individual domains had lost 20 to 60 percent of visibility worldwide.

One of the most significant updates in recent years was certainly the Hummingbird update, which significantly semantics was brought to the front for the first time. This is strictly speaking not only an update but a completely new algorithm. The Hummingbird update introduced the semantic search that in 2015, mainly by Rank Brain - has been refined - in principle an algorithm that allowed the machine learning. The user searches, be better analyzed and interpreted. Ambiguous searches can be interpreted sensibly and related results will be played, even though they do not directly correspond to the search query.

How mystical legends also listen to the Google algorithms: Google 's mission there is always that the user receives the optimum search results on its search. Therefore, the most important rule, which need to be considered in SEO for recruiters: Who provides individual added values ​​its users and worked intensively with the reasons why that visits a website and optimized to the effect is always on the right track - no matter whether pandas, penguins or hummingbirds have just the Google universe in charge.

Organic search engine optimization is one

No wonder then that content marketing for some time experienced such a flight of fancy. After all, it comes with a good SEO strategy is nothing more than to good, meaningful content that brings the user an added value. Thus, the trend is long gone from the technical search engine optimization, which aimed, for example, the keyword density, towards the so-called "organic" search engine optimization.

The modern way of referral marketing: Social Media

And here's another aspect plays a new role. Whereas in the past the created content in itself, it now is, above all, about how much is spoken about the content. Social Media, a new kind of online word-of-mouth, determined the ranking by a modern recommendation marketing. So get retweets, favorites, likes, blog article with comments or linking and recommendations in social networks often have a greater impact on the ranking as keyword-optimized content.

Three Ultimate SEO tips for recruiters:

1. Improve SEO for Recruiters with social media

Social media is only as good related to SEO, as it is actively used for interaction. So simple items and Sharen not enough. It depends on how serious you take sharing with your fans. In terms of the ranking on the first Google page social media profiles also play a big role, because Google is the most interactive social media accounts with. The interactive social media SEO conquered increasingly the top places in the ranking of search criteria.

Practical tip: Create as many social media channels as it makes sense and you can actively play on. Motivate your employees to be active in your social media accounts, especially your recruiter should link with their personal accounts.

2. Connect the applicant search and employer branding

But one of the best methods is to combine talent and clever employer branding so skillfully that users do not but come to your content. Are they even making enthusiastic, stir for free the word. Here Shares have a larger value of influencers. However, the tweet of influencers counts only when you turn in turn responded. So, only the interaction is really rewarded by Google.

Practical tip: Talk to your social media posts to active influencer that fit the theme. Also, you should then post when your followers are online. Also, your contributions are more divided, even if you sharen foreign content from time to time.

3. Or use Personalized Search!

If five users googling the same subject or the same keyword, they receive because of the Google features "Personalized Search" five different results. Especially since the mobile algorithm update Personalized Search is still location-based.

Practical tip: Build Your Network on Google+ and share them here regularly and maintain content "Google My Business". Guests can also use relevant keywords, so the job title, for example, in all of your social media posts.


SEO for recruiters is important not only to attract promising talents. By creating good online reputation, you give them a real advantage in the battle for the best candidates. Here, search engines are becoming less interested in technical aspects. What really counts are high quality, fresh and interesting content that touch.


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