Google Launched a New Tool of Website “Think with Google” Checking

A new tool from Google does not check review facilities on mobile phones only but also a page operating speed on mobile phones and desktop devices.

Google launched a new tool in testmysite.thinkwithgoogle.com, which will show how both optimized your website is for mobile devices and operating speed for desktop personal computers.

New tool combines testing facilities and provides with a simple report of all the necessary corrections for the website. The aim of Google is to help with this tool to attract as many mobile devices as possible, optimized and fast at loading websites.

The tool gives you three estimations:

Mobile comfort
Speed on mobile devices
Speed on desktop personal computers

This tool is considerably different from the two previous ones because it combined them.

There is also such a novelty as Fred, a search algorithm updating. It was noticed for the first time on March 8, since then the update considerably roused search results. After analysis of 70 websites, which were touched by the update, two similar features may be emphasized. Basically all the news websites and blogs have a huge deal of advertisement, in fact they look like websites created with one aim only, to profit from AdSense and other ad platforms and rarely contain content, which is of high quality and useful for the users.
Those websites, which fell for sanctions lost 50-90% of Google search traffic during one night.

There is another new Project Owl, which provides users with an opportunity to complain about information they consider to be rather trashy, wrong or violate feelings.
For marketing specialists, it is a wonderful opportunity to provide with content, which ratifies its products and services.

Companies, whose positions are already high enough, may become even more relevant and show better results. Promotion of more informative content may bring organic leads of more quality.  
It is imposing of more responsibility on the content creators in providing of more adequate and precise information.

On the negative side, adequacy of information becomes above all and Google may choose lowing of authority of all the brand content, which will make it to where a customer is to make more comprehended decisions on buying.

Leave a comment button may be abused. It is bad for both, marketing specialists and everyone who googles. If to speak about marketing specialists, many people might take a marketing content as a wrong information as long as it leads a customer to choosing a certain product or a service but not provide with a common information.

Think about spam and feedbacks you may get from competitors. How simple and easy it may become for them to complain regularly about your content in order to rise up theirs.

About the author: Melisa Marzett is a content writer, a blogger and, therefore, an author of many articles and more are yet to come. Writing for findwritingservice.com currently, she provides with their masterpieces fast and easy. She is always eager to contribute and is not afraid of any challenge. 


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